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Application Process

Step: 1 Create Account
  • Create an Account with our application portal.
Step: 2 Meet with your academic advisor to request academic approval to study abroad for one or two semesters. This requires that you have a minimum 2.75 overall GPA.
Step:3 Search Program
Step:4 Explore Your Resources.
  • Passport
  • Funding and scholarships
  • Health and safety
  • Pre –departure info session
  • Visa
  • What to pack?
  • Credit transfer
Step 5: Meet your study Abroad Advisor Inna Marshall and Faculty –led –study Abroad coordinator.
Step 6: Obtain your passport and visa.

Step 7: Complete Study Abroad Course Approval Form.
Step 8: complete your Application
  • Submit all martials
  • Risk management packet.
Step 9: Submit program payment.